Sustainability is the headword of our time! It is not only a trend but also a necessity for everyone who cares about the climate and the environment.

hotelbedarf24 also acts out of conviction, because there are many reasons that make environmentally friendly and sustainable action indispensable. Protecting the environment is a response everyone bears.

As a family owned companiy we are committed to protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and reducing emissions. For this reason, we have firmly anchored environmental protection and energy efficiency measures in our business processes.

We use resources (energy, water, materials) carefully and economically, constantly optimize our processes and help to recycle the materials used to keep the impact on our environment as low as possible.


  In our associated production company we attach great importance to the use of natural extracts and selected ingredients. We do not use mineral oils, parabens, silicones, propylene glycol, polyquaternium-7, etc. - microplastics are also not found in our cosmetic products!
Our fine soaps are made on a 100% plant-based basis.
    We use PP granulate and PP recyclate for producing our flacons, because this can be used much more economically in production compared to many other plastics. Surplus material is also used back into the production of additional flacons and bottles..  

We also try to use recycled products as far as possible and, as far as hygiene standards allow, we also try to avoid foil packaging entirely for producing our cardbord packaging.



We are modernizing our buildings and production facilities. For Example, the excess heat from the machines is used to heat the offices in winter.



Due to digitalization, we have been saving paper for a long time and avoiding printouts as possible. This is not only to saves costs, but also several thousand sheets of paper and lots of ink every year! Instead of an enclosed paper invoice, we have been sending our customers invoices by email for years.


to make sure that our products arrive safely, we need sturdy packaging and protective padding material. Since this is unavoidable, we are currently reusing materials and cardboard as often as possible! We use the necessary packaging material efficiently to reduce returns or subsequent deliveries. But even that isn't enough for us!
Our goal is a functioning circular economy and thus the greatest possible minimization of waste.


We continually examine all operational processes and products to see if they can be optimized, because our goal is to continually improve our ecological footprint - and to support our customers in being able to do the same.